Grace + Clay Wedding Film | Landmark Center

We posted Grace and Clay’s wedding photos a few months ago, and finally we can share their wedding film! I dare you not to cry when you watch their couple’s vows. I watched them at least 20 times while editing and every single time I’m welling up thinking, “omg, that’s love!” (As has been previously established, I’m a sap.) Grace and Clay have an amazing story and we feel so privileged to share it!





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  1. This video had me tearing up. Hands down, it is one of the best wedding videos I’ve ever seen. The Landmark Center is stunning, such a beautiful venue for such beautiful love.

  2. I am SO swept away by this wedding video. I cried three separate times and I don’t even know this couple! I am so happy I watched this, in it’s entirety.. your talent filming and editing tells such an incredible story! I am positive this bride and groom adores their video. What an amazing thing to be able to cherish forever!

  3. Gorgeous wedding videography and heartfelt vows.I’m tearing up. I’m going to go checkout their landmark center wedding photos too now!

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