Back in the freezing cold February, the day after Valentine’s day, we were at the Bunker Hills Golf Course where we’ve shot a few beautiful outdoor ceremonies. However, as everything was covered in snow, we simply there to party after Chelsee and Tim’s wedding ceremony. Because Chelsee is a dance teacher, we fully expected to see some crazy talent letting loose on the floor, and we weren’t disappointed. Chelsee’s grandma definitely wins the prizes for happiest and most swingin’ dancer I have ever seen!
When we were getting to know Tim and Chelsee before the wedding, we found out they have a history of creating romantic anniversaries on the day after holidays. For instance, when we asked Chelsee to think of a time that Tim did something sweet, she remembered the first time Tim said ‘I love you.’ On the day after April Fools, Tim chose his moment. I really think he’s going to be famous for this. One day, Tim will be able to tell his kids, “I said that to your mother back when it wasn’t a line.”
But really, why did Tim and Chelsee decide to get married when the snow is up to your waist? Because they are hardy Minnesotans? Because they knew their love would keep them warm?  We’re actually not sure, but I choose to think it’s because flowers will always be on sale on their anniversary. They’re planning ahead for years of happiness and savvy shopping.
Thank you again, Chelsee and Tim for letting us be a part of your wedding day!