From their funky socks to their walk/dance down the aisle, Theresa and Joe clearly like to embrace their inner little kids. All day they seemed giddy with happiness and laughter, right until their vows. Then it was clear that they were so serious about committing and about their wedding. Their words brought more than a few tears to their family and friends, but even then, what they wrote reflected that they were serious about a life of fun and exploration.

Theresa wrote, “I promise our home will be filled with laughter, happiness, and ‘mutual weirdness.’ I promise our life will be full of adventure. My commitment to you is one I give wholeheartedly and without hesitation. I am yours and I always will be.”

We love the dance floor at Creekside Farm because it opens right up to the field behind the main barn. After Theresa and Joe’s regular first dance, when the floor had filled up with all their guests, we asked them to dance together one more time right outside the barn, and just as we hoped, their natural silliness came out as they twirled and made faces at each other. It’s impossible to watch these two together and not end up smiling!

Theresa and Joe, we were honored to capture your wedding day. Keep being silly and congratulations!