We met Maggie and Joe at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire where they actually met, years ago. We took pictures outside the building where they first saw each other (Centennial Hall) and on the campus paths that they once walked, separately and together. The whole time they were showing us around, I remember being shocked at how quiet and empty the campus was. Yes, I know, it was the middle of summer and there was no school, but the campus was beautiful! Perfect for a picnic or reading outside. It was crazy to see all the lush, perfectly maintained courtyard spaces and there was no one around enjoying them! It was great to shoot there because not only was it private for Maggie and Joe, we didn’t have to worry about shooting around any other people. Seriously, if you go to the University of Wisconsin, don’t be in such a rush to leave campus in the summer; go back and chill out with a book, you’ll practically have the place to yourself!

We also went with Maggie and Joe to the riverfront – apparently, that’s where everyone was on this particular night in Eau Claire. There was a beautiful old railroad bridge that we took a couple of pictures by at the very end of the sunset. Right when Maggie and Joe turned away from the camera and smiled at each other, the old railroad bridge lit up like a dance party! Colored party lights seemed like a really odd choice for the rustic bridge, but the pictures ended up being some of my favorites from the night.
Maggie and Joe, thanks for showing us Eau Claire! You two are fantastic and we can’t wait for your wedding!