As she was getting ready at the Landmark Center, I happened to see, in beautiful script font, a phrase that jogged my memory, She has a tattoo that simply says “Most Ardently,” a reference to Pride and Prejudice. It just so happens, the P&P DVD for has resided in my computer tower for at least two straight years because A) who uses DVD’s anymore? Why would I ever need to switch it out? B) It’s a great movie and my go-to choice whenever I’m cleaning and filing.

I know Sean came from Wisconsin and not the English countryside, but his best man did say Sean transformed from someone who used to “live by himself, in the woods in Wisconsin, to someone who cares so much for others, and especially for Karissa.” Hmmm, I can see some parallels here…

And though Sean walked down the aisle, and not a foggy hill in the early morning, his expression when he saw Karissa was a thousand times better than any movie. And as Sean said, they go together like “peas and carrots, mac and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly” – a line worth of Austen if I ever heard one.

Karissa, I’m so glad you found your Darcy. You two are so wonderful together. Congratulations!