First of all, I have to say how ridiculously excited we are for Travis and Maria’s wedding. We drove down with them last week to their locations in Lanesboro and it’s going to be amazing. They have a knack for gathering unique and interesting items, as you can see from their library engagement session, and I know their wedding will be no different.
As book lovers, they wanted to have their session in and around the St. Paul Public Library. We’ve shot weddings there before on the James J. Hill side, but the public library side was a whole different ballgame. Not only do you have to be quiet as church mice, but part of the allure of the place is that it’s “atmospheric” i.e. dark. But we found some great nooks and crannies amongst the books. Speaking of the books, don’t you love the titles that they brought? Love, of course, fits the mood pretty well, and Fully Engaged gave me a big laugh. We also found out we shared some favorite books as kids, like The BFG and Treasure Island. To complete our own little adventure, we went outside a little. Don’t let their smiles fool you, it was more than a little chilly out by the river! But they were troopers, and kept each other warm!library-engagement-ideas-6.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-9.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-8.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-4.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-12.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-11.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-14.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-7.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-17.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-16.jpglibrary-engagement-ideas-13.jpg