Minneapolis Engagement Film | Kendra + Mike

Mike and Kendra

“The Stormchasers”

Kendra loves to surprise Mike, usually with picnics. Once she drove him blindfolded to a picnic spot and he waited in the car while she set up the spread. But he was so hungry already, she took pity on him and gave him a bag of Cheetos to munch on in the car, where he still sat, blindfolded. You get the sense that the surprise and the fun is more important to these two than convenience or just doing things the easy way.
For Mike’s proposal, he also wanted to plan a surprise. The last gift he gave her for Christmas was the first clue in a scavenger hunt that led them to places from the history of their relationship: the classroom where they met, the bench where they sat and talked on their first date, and finally the proposal spot.
They go out of their way to create fun, even if it means jumping into a river or dancing under a bridge. We can’t wait for the surprises these have two planned for their wedding!


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