Landmark Center Wedding Photography – Grace + Clay

Grace and Clay’s wedding was a great start to the 2015 season. They came back to where it all started, Minnesota. The day began with the ladies getting ready at the St. Paul Hotel, while the gentleman were being groomed at Heimie’s Haberdashery. The St. Paul Landmark Center was absolutely transformed for the reception, with the decor all being done by Clay’s father, David Bornowski,  a member of the wedding industry himself. Having photographed multiple weddings at the Landmark Center, we can confidently say this was the most beautifully decorated we have ever seen this already amazing venue. Thankfully,  the cold didn’t stop us or Grace and Clay from getting some amazing shots of the two of them in Rice Park. The ceremony, held in the atrium of the Landmark Center, was performed by a longtime family friend, so it was full of personal touches. We loved being part of Grace and Clay’s day and it was absolute pleasure to be their wedding photographers and videographers. Stay tuned for their wedding film, which will be released in June. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear some comments below.


Grace and Clay-1Grace and Clay-5Grace and Clay-4Grace and Clay-3Grace and Clay-6Grace and Clay-8Grace and Clay-9Grace and Clay-11Grace and Clay-10Grace and Clay-12Grace and Clay-13Grace and Clay-14Grace and Clay-17Grace and Clay-18Grace and Clay-19Grace and Clay-20Grace and Clay-21Grace and Clay-23Grace and Clay-24

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  1. I don’t believe you missed one a single moment of Clay and Graces special day. I enjoyed viewing you wonderful photos. Great job!

  2. Wow. I might just stalk the rest of your site. This wedding photography is phenomenal! Ya’ll have the full package going on for film and photo. Amazing work!

    1. February believe it or not! All the bridesmaids – and Grace, especially – were so amazing. I can’t believe they were game to go outside. I’m sure they were freezing, but it looked like they had some fun!

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