About Us


Every English major loves stories! Getting behind a camera and finding stories has been my hobby-turned-business since I was a teen. Every time I meet someone new, I strive to look past labels and break down barriers to get at the heart of who people are. It's a thrill to capture moments and stories that will be enjoyed for so many years to come.


I've loved taking pictures since childhood, but a trip back to my native Poland really unlocked my passion for photography. Seeking out beautiful images in surprising places and people has given me a real vision for my work. I love finding the expressive space that reflects the people and the moments I'm capturing, so they can look back and feel the same way they felt that day.

Aly started shooting video in junior high on an old school video camera. Kuba fell in love with photography on a trip home to Poland. When we met in college, we shared our passions and learned from each other, and haven’t stopped since . . .

We live in an apartment in Minneapolis but dream of our own live/work space. We love our cat, who has the loving personality of a dog and is currently testing to see how rapidly he can run through his nine lives by trying to fly off balconies, fight raccoons, and find out what is on the other side of every closed door in the world.

We love working together and are happily challenging the cliché that traveling for business is no fun at all. Nothing makes us happier than working with people we admire and telling their stories through photography and videography.  Everyone is changing the world in their own small way and we get to tell the stories of fantastic people falling in love and bringing a little more good into the world.

We’re kind of saps.

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