Wedding Photography

coverage starts at $3,500

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer and once you have it narrowed down, you have to do it in person if you can! We believe that there is no substitute for meeting your photographer in person and getting to know them one on one. You will be spending a huge amount of time with this person on your wedding day. If you don’t click, it doesn’t matter if you like their style, you won’t be happy in the pictures and so you won’t be happy with the pictures.

With that in mind, all of our packages include an engagement session, because we believe its so important not just to talk together before your wedding day, but to shoot together too. If you can’t do the whole right-left direction thing and you smile like Chandler Bing when faced with a camera, we need to know that before half your wedding day is over! An engagement session for us is not a way to sell you more pictures it’s a way for us to get acquainted with what you like and don’t like and figure out each other’s quirks. And this way, when we show up on the wedding day with a camera, you won’t look at us like a deer in the headlights or a person who forgot how to person.

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