It’s months later and I’m still telling people about Madi and Hunter’s reception. Not only was Ashery Lane so beautiful, but they danced their last dance together on an empty dance floor while everyone was outside getting sparklers. (The dance floor was right near those beautiful red doors you see in the video.) They walked out those doors after the last song ended, everyone cheered and waved their sparklers and the couple hopped into the car waiting at the end of the tunnel of their friends and family.

It doesn’t sound hard to pull off, but really it can be. First of all, a dry wedding helps more than you’d think when you’re giving people fire and asking them to stand in a straight line :). We usually recommend doing sparklers for fun earlier in the evening for precisely that reason. Also, you have to have multiple people in charge of sparklers and lighters so they’re not left in the wrong place in the chaos of the wedding day. And lastly, you have to get 10 or 12-inch sparklers for a good long burn, otherwise half could burn out by the time the other half are lit, and there is no way to time the ending of a song with short sparklers!

Everything had to go right for Madi and Hunter to have that perfect exit at the end of the night and we’re so glad it did! We were all so in awe of it when we watched it happen seamlessly, but knowing Madi and Hunter it makes perfect sense. Their families and friends were so supportive and helpful, and no one made the day about anything other than Madi and Hunter. Together with the experience of the venue coordinators, they all created an epic moment that we hope Madi and Hunter will carry with them for years — we certainly will. Congratulations, Madi and Hunter!