Basilica and Muse Wedding Photography | Lexi + B.J.

For Lexi and B.J.’s first look, we went back to Loring Park, aka the park of the strange squirrels, where we shot their engagement photos. We walked all around the park, and when we arrived at the Basilica afterwards, someone noticed that Lexi’s dress had gotten a little spot on the bottom. She looked down at it and laughed, “Oh yep, that’s goose poop. Goose poop on my dress – that’s good luck!”

Both Lexi and B.J. just had this amazing attitude the whole day: fun, laid-back, so excited for the day but also ready to roll with the little unplanned stuff. They were clearly ready to enjoy the day no matter what. Their attitude was contagious; we had such a good time with them, their friends, and their family. Not mention – they had a donut wall at Muse for the reception. There’s nothing like a donut wall to kick a party up a notch!

Lexi and B.J., congratulations! You are amazing together and we hope that you always laugh at the goose poop of life 🙂



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