Bearpath Golf & Country Club Wedding Videography | Kayla + Kai

Generally I don’t use the word “romantic” in earnest, but there really was no better word for the snow on Kayla and Kai’s wedding day.

On the day, of course, we all had a very different attitude towards the bizzare snowstorm. The word “romantic” was less in people’s lips than “road conditions”, and I think Kayla and Kai lost feeling in their fingers when we all stepped outside for photos. Despite the freezing cold, they genuinely laughed with each other as they tried to keep each other warm. Kai kept whispering to Kayla “don’t laugh, don’t laugh” and she couldn’t contain her giggles.

Special kudos need to go out to the bridesmaids who went outside in open toed heels and the fantastic staff at Bearpath Golf & Country Club who gave guests a lift at the end of the night after the shuttle service was cancelled due to the snow. And a huge thank you to Kayla and Kai! We we’re so honored to be a part of your wedding day. Congratulations!

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