Carlos Creek Winery Wedding Film | Erin + Darren

When couples ask if we have any advice for their wedding day, we always recommend what our own wedding planner did for us. After the ceremony, before the cocktail hour, take five minutes to yourselves. Have someone hand you a drink and a little something to eat and disappear for a few minutes. It’s always hard because you want to immediately greet everyone you just saw for the first time at the ceremony, but while their heading to the reception and settling in – it’s the perfect time to escape and talk to the person you just married.

Erin and Darren did it in an awesome way, leaving the ceremony via horse-drawn carriage with a bit of hot coffee and champagne. Their entire wedding day was beautiful, but seeing them together, newly married and so happy, was my favorite part.

Erin and Darren (and kitty Charlie), congratulations! Thanks for choosing us to capture your wedding day!

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