Carlos Creek Winery Wedding Photography | Aaron + Mallory

Yes, yes that is a giant donut in the shape of a First Avenue star. Best wedding cake replacement idea ever. Mallory and Aaron asked if it would be cheesy for them to start eating the donut from opposite star points and we said – “it’s your wedding, embrace the cheese!” Thus there is a picture of these two wonderful adults eating a giant star-shaped donut Lady and the Tramp style. Love it.

In general, Mallory and Aaron had an unapologetic sense of humor (my favorite kind). Usually, wedding cards say something sweet, even sappy. The front of Mallory’s card to Aaron had a picture of a squirrel and said, “You drive me NUTS!…and God knows, I love me some nuts.” Don’t you love this classy couple!?

At the end of the night, the awesome staff at Carlos Creek Winery let us into the historic room where the wine barrels used to be stored. Now, of course, they have another massive building for their wine-making but it was really cool to see where it all started and to photograph Mallory and Aaron there. Special thanks to them for making that happen!

Aaron and Mallory, we loved being a part of your wedding day. Congratulations!



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