Carlos Creek Winery Wedding Videography | Jen + Mark

I’ll say it again – after you have carefully planned and sweated all the details of your wedding, you’ll be much happier if you can let go of the plan and just enjoy whatever happens (whether it was planned or unexpected).

If you fall in love with Jen’s wedding dress (as I did) you should know it wasn’t her first choice. Her “real” dress ended up being destroyed, so she had to get another one last minute. I love stories like this, where a last minute change ends up being a blessing in retrospect. Yes, it was stressful, but Jen (and Mark too) had a great attitude. They were ready to go with the flow and enjoy the minor chaos of the wedding process.

Sure, you could say, that’s not the worst thing that could happen and there was time to fix it – what happens if the cake collapses, or dress gets pigeon poop on it, or the food is an hour and half late? (All true events). That’s when you get stories you cherish for years! Nothing seems as bad when you can laugh about it later.

Jen and Mark – we know you can laugh at the craziness of life and we so admired you for it. (Of course, it won’t hurt that Mark is apparently the luckiest guy we’ve ever met haha!) Congratulations on your marriage!

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