Krista and Justin were married on the edge of the water at Carlson Towers, and standing up on either side of them, was their brother and sister, who later gave the amazing toasts you see in the video. As adults, siblings have a tendency to drift apart, but one of the things Krista and Justin have in common is a thriving relationship with their siblings. Justin’s brother said it best, “As we grew up and Justin and I moved apart…we remained close, but in a different way. We talked less, but our conversations were more meaningful.”

Family isn’t just a commonality for them, it also brought them together – literally. Justin’s cousin introduced them; in face, she technically introduced them twice…but once was when they were twelve. As twelve-year-olds, their heads were full of laser tag and bowling, so they didn’t remember each other much. As adults, they went back to the very same bowling alley, and hit it off right away. They had such sweet complementary things to say about each other. After dating ten years, they each knew the other so well, were so excited to marry each other! Check out their wedding day below!