Glenwood Lakeside Ballroom Wedding Videography | Ali + Nick

We took Ali and Nick out on the docks at sunset for some pictures and David asked them to look out over the water. As they were standing there, looking all stunning in the sunset light, David said, “what do you see out there?” Ali said, “Bottle Bay.” Nick, with a straight face, said, “opportunity.” I had to share that behind the scenes moment so if you want to see it, it’s in our Instagram story right now.

Really it was just one of so many funny moments that day – and it wasn’t only the people that were funny (ie Nick), we had a hard time keeping a straight face during the ceremony too. First of all, the family yellow lab was supposed to walk down the aisle with Ali and her parents. As you can see in the video, they all make it to the beginning of the aisle together, but a few steps in, the poor pupper either got a little stage fright or lost interest and decided to go guard the entrance to the tent, with a few adorable looks back at Ali and her parents, like, “eh, they got this.”

During the ceremony, Ali and Nick combined glasses of water taken from bodies of water that are meaningful to them (some people do sand, or dirt, or wine, but water is really the best fit for Ali and Nick!). They could hardly keep straight faces since the water was in these beautiful crystal drinking glasses and the water itself, well, one of them had water from the Mississippi River, so let’s just say the water didn’t look as beautiful as the glass. Ali and Nick picked them up and raised them to each other like they were about to drink and everyone had the giggles for the next two minutes. Then as they slowly poured them into a bowl together, Nick sighed and said, “Ah, it’s too much Mississippi!” and everyone broke out into laughter again.

Ali and Nick, we absolutely loved capturing your day! Keep being beautiful, amazing, funny people and congratulations!

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