Glenwood Lakeside Ballroom Wedding Photography | Ali + Nick

Not gonna lie, it was COLD this day. But Ali, Nick, and all their family were amazing. They were all ready to brave the cold for pictures, jackets off, scarves off. Even the little kids were out there, though they were clearly ready to be bundled up again. In fact, they there the cutest part of the day because you could imagine their little faces represented what all the adults were feeling: screwed up against the cold and bright sunlight but trying oh-so-hard (and adorably) to smile!

And then there’s Ali and Nick, who must have been internally fueled by adrenaline, because you could never tell from their pictures that it was cold. Oh and in the morning, super windy. The tent was flapping in the wind so loudly that we were sure no one was going to be able to hear the ceremony! But, as it happened, the wind died down, the heaters made the tent toasty warm, and Ali and Nick’s ceremony was beautiful. All during the ceremony, Ali’s family dog stood at the entrance to the tent like the de facto bouncer, but really he was just a little too shy to walk with them all the way down the aisle. The poor pup wasn’t ready for all those people! But given his position, he was the first to greet the newly married couple as they left the tent.

Ali and Nick, thank you so much for introducing us to your lovely family and friends, and thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding day! Congratulations!

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