Green Acres Event Center Wedding Photography | Kelly + Dan

This was our first time shooting at Green Acres, and it was beautiful! Throughout the day, we only had a little bit of scattered rain, so people could still enjoy the outdoors during cocktail hour and we still got to take the bridal party outside for some photos. All good, until the first dances…

Kelly and Dan were swaying away on the (indoor) dance floor and we were standing along the wall with our backs to the window.

We started to feel some light spray and the occasional drop falling on our heads. I was thinking “Ok, it’s a barn, and it’s an original structure. Even though it’s been redone, it’s probably normal for a few raindrops to get through every once in a while.” I stayed focused on the first dance till Kuba pointed to the floor and said, “careful.”

After seeing a little puddle, I finally turned around and saw the torrential downpour happening outside the window. It was especially impressive because the barn has amazing exterior uplights that gave each wet gust a spot like it was starring in a movie!

We learned from the venue staff later that it is definitely *not* normal for rain to come through, and they set to work making the dance floor a no-slip zone. They were speedy with rugs and towels (and possibly some linens) to get everything dry as fast as possible. This was a pretty serious storm. The idle chatter at downstairs and at the bar was, “where do you think the shelter area is?” Luckily, the downpour was as bad as it got at the venue that night.

It’s probably a cliche, but it’s still a good reminder for anyone preparing for a wedding – everything that doesn’t go according to plan makes for the good stories. It’s going to be the thing you talk about 10 years into your marriage and might even be tied to your strongest memories of the day.

Roll with it and embrace it when things go sideways. This advice is *not* for Kelly and Dan who rolled with everything like champs, but someone out there might need a reminder to take a little joy when things…get interesting. 

Congratulations, Kelly and Dan! May you always remember your first dance in the rain.

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