Hewing Hotel Engagement Photography | Shadi + Trent

We were fortunate enough to shoot Trent’s brother’s wedding on the beaches of Florida two years ago and were delighted to find that Trent and Shadi were every bit as delightful and lighthearted as the beautiful Sara and Shawn. We met them at the Hewing for drinks (which is also where they’re getting married) and if you are very observant, you’ll notice that at one point they switch drinks – and if you’re really observant you’ll notice the moment they laugh as they realize they’ve been drinking each other’s drinks. 

This is actually a great example of how people warm up to the camera. Apparently, the drinks were different enough that they could have told the difference with just a sip, but sometimes when people get in front of the camera, there’s a few minutes of brain fuzz before you get comfortable and regain normal awareness. I think that not realizing what you’re drinking is a perfect example of what couples go through as they warm up to having a camera around. Kuba and I felt the same thing the first time we were photographed as a couple! That’s part of the reason we always include an engagement session. Hopefully, it only takes couples a few “sips” to re acclimate in an engagement session, but there is so much happening on wedding day, I could have been drinking liquefied pasta instead of champagne and I don’t think I would have noticed! But at least if you’ve been photographed before, you don’t have any extra brain fuzz because there’s a camera around.

By the end of Trent and Shadi’s session, they were totally comfortable (and we learned that Shadi’s nose fits perfectly in Trent’s ear – talk about meant to be lol). We’re so excited for their rather non-traditional, casual and modern wedding at the Hewing. They’re only doing the traditions that matter to them with just the most important people in their lives – and we’re big fans of their style and confidence in wedding planning. Can’t wait, guys – see you soon!

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