Historic Furber Farm Wedding Videography | Leah + Shane

Leah and Shane got ready at Historic Furber Farm on one of the first winter days in a long while that was warm enough to melt some icicles. Not that it was truly warm, just warmer. To say it was warm would be lessening the feat of the awesome bridal party who was game for anything and bore the cold with smiles. Not only did they all go out to a windy bridge for pictures, but a select few groomsmen went out at dusk with us and the photographer, when it was even colder, for a special shot.

You can see their work at the end of the film; they knelt and crouched in the snow and threw snowy powder in the air. And of course, Leah and Shane themselves were great sports because they actually stood there kissing and laughing as we all threw cold snow on them! And the final unsung hero of that shot is Amber, the planner from Amber Terese Weddings & Events, who was down the hill, flattening herself into the snow, holding a flash up to backlight the picture!

It was a great team that night and a great bridal party, capped off with some great dancing! Leah and Shane, thank you so much for choosing us to capture your day!



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