It’s so hard to pick my favorite part of this wedding!

 Obviously, incorporating Harry Potter into the ceremony was going put a giant smile on my face. Always.
 But it could also be the donuts on top of their wedding cake, decorated with the torsos of bride and groom (yes, those are donuts).
 And surprisingly, it might be the rain!
Hope Glen Farm is beautiful, rain or shine, but because of the rain, the ceremony ended up being in the beautifully decorated barn with everyone cozied up together. Plus, rain brings out a different side to couples. It was really downpouring that day but you could see Erin and Kevin enjoyed every minute of it. When just walking from point A to B becomes a challenge, then that walk becomes a memory! Sure it’s great when everything goes smoothly on a wedding day, but the moments you remember are when things go wrong or get tricky, and you can laugh it off together!
But…it could also be Erin’s nails – best wedding nails ever, check them out.


Erin and Kevin, thank you for choosing us to capture your beautiful, geeky day. You two are fantastic together – congratulations!