Lafayette Club Wedding Film | Chersti and Paul

I love it when a wedding film isn’t just about a couple, but all the other relationships they have too. It’s a big day for siblings, friends, and usually, parents. Parents really have the most amazing perspective on a wedding day, and sometimes they share it, as Paul and Chersti’s parents did. Paul’s mom talked about how she has been waiting for Chersti since the day Paul was born, and Chersti’s dad painted the most vivid memory of Chersti running through a field of wildflowers as a little girl. You could easily see that all the parents were so, so proud on this day.

Paul and Chersti had a small ceremony last year, but they also decided to plan a big wedding for family and friends. Judging by what we heard from their parents, siblings, and friends during the toasts, the day meant a lot to all of them. Chersti and Paul, we were so glad to be a part of it. Congratulations!


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