Lafayette Club Wedding Videography | Al + Anna

This past weekend we were talking with another photographer about our favorite places to shoot weddings and we all came to the same consensus – it’s the wrong question. It’s hard to choose a favorite place to shoot because it’s always about the people. A great couple and the people that surround them will always be the meaning of a great wedding day, and Anna and Al brought a fantastic group of people together on their day. Of course, we always love shooting at the Lafayette Club, it was really Anna and Al that made it shine.

At the reception, Al’s best man told the story of the day he and Anna got engaged. Al was graduating, and his best man knew that even as he held his graduation ring in his hands, at the moment, it didn’t mean anything to Al because he had an engagement ring stuffed down his sock. Anna and Al went off on their own while everyone from his hockey team was waiting to take their traditional group photo, wondering where they went. Finally, his best man recounts, they came back to the group with the biggest smiles on their faces, and he said he hoped that everyone could someday find the person who makes them smile like that.

Anna and Al, congratulations and thank you for including us in your wedding day

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