This day was spectacular! Hilary and Gerry were so adorable together, and so sweet to each other. But I have to wax poetic for a moment about the rest of the day – those leaves, the light, the classic car, that church! And of course, the Lafayette Club with it’s amazing fall trees!

As much as we loved the particulars, they were just a lovely complement to the constant smiles of Hilary and Gerry. It was so great to see how the little things mattered so much to them. Hilary surprised Gerry with an engraving on the inside of his wedding ring. Hilary was all smiles when Gerry saw her at the first look and said, “I’m gonna marry you. I’m so lucky.”

Seriously, this was an awesome day. Hilary and Gerry, thank you so much for choosing us to capture it. Congratulations!