Lake Harriet Engagement Photography – Erin + Darren

We met Erin and Darren at their beautiful house where we also met their lovely cat, Charlie. He was a little leery of us at first, probably because I immediately took way too many pictures of him and he’s very humble and shy. But after looking at us from the hallway for a while, he soon he fell into what was clearly an old habit: snuggling with his humans on the couch. I wish he could have come with us for the whole session, but he did watch us adorably from the window as we took pictures outside.

It was a gorgeous night to walk around Lake Harriet. The fall colors suggested a nip in the air, but it was warm enough for Erin and Darren to walk barefoot on the beach when sunset rolled around. These two are really cute together, constantly making each other laugh.  Erin and Darren, we’re so excited for your wedding day!

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