When Tommy and Sarah came downstairs for their session, Tommy was holding something wrapped in tin foil.


“Hey, I baked you a loaf of bread,” he said simply.


I don’t think we’ve ever been more surprised, delighted and confused at the same time. Apparently, this is something he does with some regularity; he experiments with new baking recipes. In fact, he does it so often that Sarah joked she’d be a thousand pounds if she ate everything he baked.


The loaf he baked for us, by the way, had jalapeno, and two parts delicious to three parts AMAZING. Seriously, if Tommy opens up shop, we’re camping out front.


These two were so fun to shoot together. We walked around Lake of Isles first, and thank goodness we took Sarah’s advice went to her favorite spot. The view of the city skyline was perfect! Towards sunset, we ended up at Lake Calhoun.Tommy and Sarah were totally cool and relaxed watching the sun go down, meanwhile, we were geeking out over the colors that kept appearing in the sky – so gorgeous!


What I love most about this session is that it all happened within a few miles of where Tommy and Sarah live, in places that they walk by on a regular basis. I hope that even when they move away one day that these photos bring back memories of a great time in their lives – full of fresh-baked bread, love, and beautiful walks.


Congratulations Sarah and Tommy, we can’t wait for your wedding day!
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