Loring Park Engagement Photography | Lexi + B.J.

Cool evening light, an awesome couple and tons of squirrels – Loring Park had it all this night! Sometimes, to take a couple’s mind off the fact that they’re being photographed, we’ll give them a task or ask them to do something a certain way. We asked Lexi and B.J. to do all kinds of things – stand on top of a picnic table and sit on the grass in a minefield of squirrels – they had fun will all of it! I can’t remember exactly how we asked them to walk – I think it was “as if you’ve been drinking,” but the results were absolutely hilarious and had us all laughing. The pictures capture the laughter, but they don’t do justice to the way they threw themselves into the task. I guess it goes to show when you’re photographer asks you to do something totally weird, it’s probably to make you laugh and (most likely) won’t look as strange as it feels, especially if you embrace the oddities and have fun with it like these two!

Lexi and B.J., I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so much at a session. You two are awesome and we can’t wait to capture your wedding day!

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