Machine Shop Wedding Videography | Lindsay + Kyle

I think Lindsay was the most excited bride we’ve ever seen! After she read her letter, she just looked up at the ceiling and said, “I’m getting married today!” like it was just hitting her at that moment.

Kyle and Lindsay were married at the Machine Shop by their friend Huli. Kyle’s vows we’re particularly amazing. “I promise to kill the spiders, to share my side of the bed when the dog takes over yours, and to always be there with a hug and joke whether they’re needed or not.”

Isn’t that what everyone would want to hear in their vows? I think it should be part of the standard.

We also got to work with Lara from MN Doggy Social at this wedding. She took care of Lindsay and Kyle’s adorable pup and helped get him to sit in the right spot for photos and look at the camera by holding treats and making noises. Normally a family member or friend would take on this role, which means they have to leave at some point to take the dog away and rush back for the ceremony or reception. Having Lara there took all the chaos and rush out of the process and resulted in some great pictures!

Lindsay and Kyle, thank you for making us a part of your amazing wedding day! Congratulations!

And a special thank you to the amazing vendor team – Russell and Kelsey at Russell Heeter Photography, Adam at Primetime DJ, Beth at Kismet Event Group, and the team at the Machine Shop who took care of us all!

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