Madison Engagement Photography | Will + Syd

We went to a friend’s wedding in Madison a few years ago and we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful architecture and walkability of the city. We stopped back in the city to shoot Syd and Will’s engagement session on our way back from Chicago and were even more amazed by the beautiful campus – where Syd and Will met, coincidentally. They were excellent tour guides and recommended that we go down by the water. It was a perfect evening and lots of people were sitting outside and walking the paths, but not so many that it felt overcrowded. Clearly full of students (campus stretches almost to the waterfront) and locals, it felt like a tourist trap that someone forgot to tell the tourists about. We can’t wait to go back and enjoy sitting on those patios!

But now the important part: Syd and Will are getting married on Stout’s Island, a favorite place of ours, so chosen because there’s a family cabin nearby where a group of families get together to play one of the best games I’ve ever heard of. I’m sorry I don’t know all the rules, but I know that it involves a Slip n’Slide and people of all ages cover themselves with soapy water and participate in some kind of course. I’ll urge Syd and Will to post detailed rules somewhere on the internet because, really, this sounds like it should be America’s new favorite pastime and how is it I’ve never heard of it before?!

Syd and Will, you’re an awesome couple and thank you for showing us how great Madison is. Your families sound equally amazing and we can’t wait to meet them all at Stout’s Island soon!

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