Maple Ridge Farm Wedding Videography | Marian + Adam

Weddings can be a crazy adrenaline rush for some people, and it does strange things. For instance, as I’m bundled up in my winter coat all day, Marian is walking around in a sleeveless dress clearly having the time of her life. She climbed the bluffs at Taylor’s Falls in her heels, and when I say climbed, I mean climbed! There were no paths to places that Marian and Adam went and parts that I had trouble balancing on she deftly navigated in heels and wedding dress, smiling the whole time. She was helped by Adam, of course, who was wearing the slipperiest of dress shoes. Seriously, I’m surprised we all made it that day, but we were flying high on the wedding day happiness and the rush to chase the sunset.

I’ll always remember at the end of the night, we were walking out of the field back to the reception and Marian says, “Hold on, I’ve had a rock in my shoe for while.” She takes off her shoe and dumps out a whole gravel pit of rocks and sand. She puts the shoe back on her freezing cold, blistered foot, smiles and says, “Ok, let’s go!” That was when I realized how crazy happy she was. She and Adam both had an impenetrable bubble of joy around them all day.

Adam and Marian, I’m so glad we were there to see you spinning around the dance floor. I hope this film brings back all the joy of that awesome day. Congratulations!

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