Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding Videography | Ashley + Kevin

We were checking the Rochester weather forecasts for Ashley and Kevin’s Labor Day weekend wedding during the whole week before. It looked like it was going to be a rainy for sure, but mid-morning the clouds parted, the drizzle stopped, and they had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

Their puppy (yes, she’s a puppy!) Ruby led the way after the ceremony, clearly bursting with excitement that Ashley and Kevin were married! The guests were able to enjoy the outdoors with cocktails and lawn games, taking turns to sign into their unique guestbook (a vintage typewriter), before filling in for dinner, which was quite possibly the best food we’ve ever eaten at a wedding! It was delicious fried chicken and walleye for the main course, and for dessert – a cookie cake and cookie bars, homemade by the mother of the groom because they’re his favorite!

My favorite story about Kevin shared on the day (and there were a lot) was how Kevin guessed Ashley’s ring size when he was ring shopping. They apparently love to hold hands, so when Kevin was in the jewelry store, he went around to the different women in the store and held their hands to see which ones felt the most similar to Ashley’s. Apparently it worked because the ring seemed to fit!

Ashley and Kevin, we’re so honored to be the ones capturing your hand holds on the day you got married. Congratulations and say ‘hello’ to to Ruby from us!

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