Brittany and Phil did their first look right outside their venue at Mill City Museum, and their dog, Jameson, got to participate! (By the way, I spent half of Brittany and Phil’s edit crying and the other half cooing and talking to the screen whenever their little bulldog popped up.)

At first he seemed really excited to see Brittany, but as she got closer, he seemed worried by the dress. (He’s a little skittish.) Brittany voiced his thoughts saying, “Whoa, you got a lot going on there mom!” But he had a good time seeing his parents about to get married.
The ceremony was downtown at the Historic Wesley Church. Brittany’s dad waited on the front steps to give her a hug (more tears here) and they went inside.
One thing I may have to explain to people who weren’t at the wedding is the ring shot we took. Phil and Brittany had these amazing spices as favors for their guests. The illustrious Jackson from A Frame Forward Photography had the idea to photograph the rings in the spices. When he was done, we thought we’d add a little motion to the shot. (Jackson was kind enough to donate his lung power when we huffed and puffed ourselves out.)
Phil and Brittany, I hope you curl up with Jameson and enjoy your film. Congratulations!