Minikahda Club Wedding Videography | Katie + Mike

“How cool is that? I get to marry a miracle girl.”

I teared up every time I listened to Katie read that line from Mike’s letter. So that was like 30 times I teared up at the same thing, but it never got old. These two were so excited to marry each other. In the morning, Katie was literally shaking because she was so excited.

Mike was particularly excited about the music at the ceremony. “Oh, Beautiful Mother” was a song he sang for his grandparents on their 60th anniversary, and as he listened to the song during the ceremony, he could imagine that one day, he and Katie might have a grandson that would sing it on their 60th wedding anniversary.

Oh, and speaking of music, one of songs in their video was composed by their friend who performed it at their groom’s dinner! I should add on his behalf that I shortened it, but the entire thing is amazing. Even playing for fun, on a keyboard without any pedals, you can tell he’s crazy talented. Actually many of the troupe at the grooms dinner were musically gifted. They opened up the night by playing a cover of “Wagon Wheel” with a bass, a child’s guitar, and if memory serves, a xylophone toy. And man did they rock their hearts out!

Katie and Mike, thank you for choosing us to capture your amazing story. I hope you look back on your film in 60 years surrounded by family and friends! Congratulations!

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