Minneapolis Wedding Photography | Caralin + Austin

We met up with Caralin at the Emory Hotel in downtown Minneapolis and walked in to find her bridal party performing emergency dress surgery, i.e. one of the bridesmaids standing on an ottoman while another went around her hem with a pair of scissors. FYI, there is a certain type of fabric that doesn’t fray with an unfinished edge and I must learn to recognize it; if anyone in the comments knows how to spot it, I’d really appreciate it and may be able to help another bridal party avoid a tragic mistake. Luckily this dress was made out of this magic fabric, so no serger needed for the surgery.

I would usually write all about Caralin and Austin in this post, but their…if you can believe it…napkins, did an amazing job and were funny to boot. I loved them!


1. They met, and Austin moved 900 miles away almost immediately.

2. They got engaged at Pine Mountain, GA. 

3. Their honeymoon will be in Mallorca.

4. Caralin is a Gemini. Austin doesn’t believe in Astrology.

5. They started practicing the 1st dance 3 days ago.

Number 4 is my absolute favorite 🙂 Congratulations, Caralin and Austin! 

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