Minnesota Backyard Wedding Film | Alana + Jay

Jay was right when he said, “Vows are hard to write,” but he nailed it. So did Alana. Seriously, if you’re struggling with your vows and trying to get in the vow-writing mood, consider their vows a masterclass.

I loved how Jay called out all the things he could not vow to do forever, like “that I’ll always be able to do your favorite impressions the right way” (and before you start scrubbing through looking for it, no we did not capture his Yzma voice on this day. You’ll have to go to Jay directly and beg him if you want to hear it.) And that he mentioned all the things he couldn’t promise would last forever, made all the promises he did mean that much more. 

Alana’s explaining the meaning of “I love you more” belongs in a poem that everyone should know. And her engraved gift to Jay (a watch that said, “I love you more every second”) perfectly reflected Jay’s mixture of humor and meaning. 

And the location? I wish I could say that this beautiful venue was open to everyone, but this is their family farm. Those windchimes? On their porch. The ceremony site? In their side yard. I have to mention this every time I post a wedding at someone’s home. It’s beautiful, meaningful and amazing. But it’s a LOT of work. You need a lot of chips to have fallen right to have the right space, and after that, you need a support network with the right skills and time to help you make it happen, not only before the day, but on the day itself. Alana and Jay were so smart to hire a coordinator so they (and their parents) weren’t the only ones answering questions, solving problems and keeping everything running on a timeline. 

Alana and Jay, your day was so amazing and I can completely see why you “wouldn’t change a thing.” Congratulations!

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