Minnesota Backyard Wedding Photography | Zohreh + Abbas

Abbas and Zohreh planned a beautiful Saturday backyard wedding. All Friday night they kept watch on the weather forecast, and it kept getting worse and worse. Finally on Saturday morning, they started calling friends, family and vendors to see if they could possibly do the impossible – move everything to Sunday. Backyard weddings are often a lot of work, but Abbas and Zohreh had to work doubly hard to re-plan and re-schedule every single detail. Not only that, but everything they had setup outside on Friday had to be hand-dried because it was soaked in Saturday’s downpour. Amazingly, Sunday was beyond beautiful, and Abbas and Zohreh got to enjoy a perfect summer evening outside dancing with their family and friends.

Abbas and Zohreh, congratulations! You two took on the most ambitious wedding plans we’ve ever seen, but we saw how much your guests enjoyed your ceremony and reception. In the end, all the hard work that you, your family, and your friends did, created a beautiful event and wonderful memories.

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