Minnesota Fall Wedding Photography | Sarah + Tommy

I’ll never forget Sarah’s brother standing on stage after his toast and singing one of my favorite songs, “Edelweiss,” for her and Tommy. His voice was amazing, in fact, there were a ton of talented people in the room who all put their special touches in. The arch they were married under was made by family, Tommy himself made the cake, and Sarah and her maid of honor made the centerpieces. It was a lot of work but they came away with some good stories. For instance, it was too cold to spray the centerpieces outside, so Sarah and her maid of honor got a little loopy spraying them in the basement. And on the morning of the wedding, Tommy ran out of frosting halfway through frosting the cake at about the same time as he had to start getting ready to see his bride. Yet another talented person stepped in, one of the groomsmen’s girlfriends, who’d been to culinary school, to make another batch of frosting and save the day.

If you spent time with Sarah and Tommy, you wouldn’t be surprised that they’re surrounded with generous and talented people because that’s what they are themselves: crafters, bakers and makers – and so giving and kind to each other.

Sarah and Tommy, it was an honor to capture your wedding day. Thank you so much and congratulations!






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