Heather and Mark, kindred Costco fans, were married on the edge of the lake at Mark’s parents cabin. All their family and friends pitched in, from officiating the wedding to grilling delicious steaks for dinner. My favorite part of the day was capturing Heather and Mark’s faces right after the wedding. They looked so ecstatic as they came down the aisle!

The celebration continued that weekend at Minnetonka Orchards, where there was a game for everyone: bean bags, horseshoes, croquet, giant Jenga, polish golf, and some kind of game where you throw blocks of wood at other blocks of wood which I’ve never seen before. It was absolutely hilarious to have no idea what the rules were but watch all the guests get so into it.

We stole Heather and Mark away from the festivities at sunset and got to explore the orchards a bit. We discovered a giant swing that they took to like little kids (which I think they are at heart), and then we went back to the party where the dance floor and the bonfires were both heating up!

Heather and Mark, were so honored you asked us to be a part of your wedding celebrations. Congratulations!