Minnetonka Yacht Club Wedding Videography | Erin + Jon

I talked before about how cool the Minnetonka Yacht Club was for a wedding – from the gorgeous view of the sunset, to being able to greet the guests as they stepped off the shuttle boats, it was an awesome place to celebrate.

In the course of the night, Erin’s sister made my favorite joke of the year in her toast. It’s a “dad joke,” but only because it’s about her dad, a math teacher who had the good fortune to have his daughters as students. She says, “Erin’s the type of person that…the teachers at school would say, ‘oh, you’re Erin Johnson’s sister! You must be really smart!’ and I was like, ‘Dad…it’s me.'”

She tells it better than I type it, I swear. I smiled every time I heard it.

Erin and Jon had a fantastic group of people gathered on that island and we’re so happy were there to capture it. Congratulations, Erin and Jon!

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