Oakview Weddings and Events Wedding Photography | Chelsey + Brett

As a fellow Harry Potter fan, I was so excited to see the little nerdy touches that Chelsey promised were hidden in the decor at Oakview Weddings and Events. I don’t know if it was an intentional choice, but Oakview Weddings and Events has a gorgeous willow tree right in the middle of the lawn that is pretty magical. It doesn’t whomp, but that’s for the best since it was actually the beginning of the aisle for the ceremony!

We also loved the outdoor dance floor, and clearly, the guests did too because they never let up. At the end of the night, Chelsey and Brett were going to give their bridal party sparklers for their exit, but we had the hardest time getting them to come away from the dance floor. They were so into the dancing they found it more exciting than fire on sticks! Luckily, there were a couple bridesmaids who were super organized and brought everyone together. I don’t know if there were any moms among them, but they definitely nailed the “mom voice” that commands attention. We got a few pictures of them having fun with the sparklers and everyone flew back to the dance floor. I’ve never seen a group so into dancing; it was hilarious!

Chelsey and Brett, we had an amazing time capturing your wedding day. Thank you for being awesome, and congratulations!

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