Oak View Weddings and Events Wedding Videography | Chelsey + Brett

On the morning of their wedding at Oak View Weddings and Events, Chelsey gave Brett a watch with an engraved back. The engraving said “You Sir, are very attractive. Love, Your Wife to Be.” As a fellow Harry Potter fan, I really think Chelsey has a writing gift. In her vows she said, “I promise to tell you when you have yogurt on your ears. I promise never to see a single Marvel movie without you, and I promise to love you with my whole heart each and every day that I get the privilege of being your wife.”

Could you ask for better vows? I don’t know why Brett ever had yogurt on his ears but I’m really glad Chelsey will be there forever to tell him about it. *all the feels*

Chelsey and Brett, you know we loved you guys. Amazing wedding, amazing day and amazing dance moves! Thank you for bringing us there to capture it. Congratulations!

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