Redeemed Farm Wedding Photography and Videography | Saskia + Ben

Saskia and Ben held their wedding at Redeemed Farm in Scandia. It’s one of our favorite venues; with so many ceremony location options, every wedding there feels unique, everything is just a short stroll away, and every bit of the landscape is lush and tranquil.

For her toast, Ben’s sister wrote the most hilarious, sweet, and roasty poem. She was a bit nervous to speak, and I have to say, if you’re nervous about a speech and you can write this funny, a poem is the perfect way to go. People expect you to read a poem word for word (not common with a normal speech), and there’s a built in cadence. I think it must be a confidence countermeasure, because she killed it! I had trouble holding the camera steady!

For the reception, Saskia exchanged her gown for a white jumpsuit for ease of dancing and running through of vineyards. The couple was also seriously excited about the ice cream cart from Nelson’s Ice Cream, so maybe she wanted to change into something easier to clean so everyone could go nuts on the dessert. It turned out to be a beautiful night, with the sun going down on people playing lawn games and slinging ice cream, and the Bluewater Kings heating up the dance floor inside.  

Saskia and Ben, thank you so much for having us there to capture your beautiful day! Congratulations!

The Vendors:

Venue – Redeemed Farm
Photo – Eyetography
Video – Eyetography
Planner – Rosetree Events
Band – Bluewater Kings
Florist – Abloom
Hair – War Paint International
Make-up – War Paint International
Dessert – Nelson’s Ice Cream

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