For this engagement session at St. Anthony Main, we were blessed with not only a terrific couple to shoot, but also terrifically calm waters, which we may have gone overboard (haha, nautical puns) in shooting. Christiane and Caleb were fantastic sports, despite the fact that we walked about two miles over the course of our shoot. They actually got engaged on a rooftop in downtown, so it was appropriate that we saw many of the same views as they did on the night Caleb proposed. It brought back some sweet memories, but nevertheless, it was quite the hike around town. They may look all tender and sweet, but they are tough people! We actually learned that Christiane and Caleb have both been injured in their zeal for sports. On separate occasions, Christiane broke two different fingers playing football and on breaking the second one, she taped it up and kept playing.

After shooting and spending time with them, we are so excited to shoot their wedding! It’s an honor to capture two such passionate and kind people. Congrats to you both and thank you for a fantastic evening!
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