St. Anthony Main Engagement Photography | Megan + Phil

Megan and Phil’s pup, Darla, is a born model. She clearly enjoys her time in front of the camera, but she’s also happy to sit on the sidelines and be supportive while her humans take center stage. That’s super unusual in a dog! Usually, we recommend couples bring a friend, family member, or blackmailee to their session if they want to bring their dog (which we totally encourage). That person can entertain the dog and hold onto them whenever we’re all shooting the human pictures.

But for the first time, we met a pup who was totally cool watching from the sidelines, having the time of her life no matter where she was in relation to her humans. As Darla patiently waited her turn, we got to know Megan and Phil, who should absolutely start that brutally honest relationship podcast we talked about, PLEASE! These are two fantastic people, with a superstar dog, and we cannot wait to shoot their wedding day!

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