It’s a tough call, but I think my favorite part of Stacy and Sean’s day was the toast delivered by Sean’s three younger sisters. They talked about what a great big brother he had been to them, and how he would make a point to call once a week and check up on them at college. They were always trying to find him a girl (even trying to get him on The Bachelor and crafting an online dating profile for him), and were so happy when he met Stacy.

We could see how sweet these two were to each other. Sean waited outside the St. Paul Hotel (which was more than chilly), for his first look with Stacy. He was clearly feeling the weather, but almost as soon as Stacy came up and hugged him, he offered​ her his jacket. They wrote the sweetest vows to each other, and finished out the day with milk and cookies for everyone. Despite the fact you could see your breath out side, it was a heartwarming day.
Sean and Stacy, congratulations and thank you for choosing us to capture it!