St. Paul Wedding Photography | Kylie + Joe

Kylie and Joe were amazing. It was freezing cold on their wedding day, and none of us could feel our fingers, but there they stood, completely elated even though they were going numb! The overlook above St. Paul where we took pictures was five blocks from where the groom grew up. He used to be able to see the “1st” sign light up at night from his bedroom window and here he is standing in front of it on his wedding day.

Joe’s groomsmen represented multiple branches of the military so after the ceremony, they all lined up with their sabers. If you’ve never seen this event before, the couple starts at one end of the line and starts to walk through the arch of drawn sabers, but as they go, the groomsmen lowered the sabers in pairs and ask for a kiss before they can proceed. They kiss, everyone cheers and they proceed down the line until they get to the end. There’s also a surprise at the end – you can see Kylie’s reaction in the photos!

Kylie and Joe, we were so glad to be a part of your wedding day, and extra glad that no one in the wedding party lost any appendages to frostbite (thanks for going outside guys!). Congratulations and we hope you’re enjoying these somewhere warm!

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