The Grand Hall at Bold North Cellars Wedding Photography | Bridget and Ryan

Bridget and Ryan had a small church ceremony, but wanted to have a big reception with friends and family. So a year after their wedding, we all gathered at The Bold North Cellars for a vow renewal, some wine and good food, and lots of dancing.

Since Bridget and Ryan were already married, the day was…weird, but in a great way! They hung out together in the morning before hanging with their friend groups separately, they walked *each other* down the aisle, and swapped their couple first dance for a crazy party dance with all their guests.

Out of necessity, these “split day” weddings are common right now, and since it’s not traditional (at least in our area) I’d really like to hear from couples what their experience was.

Was planning the second day easier because you’d already planned the first? Did having a small wedding on the first date make it less stressful? Would you do it this way again or recommend it to anyone? Or was it just double the planning and you would definitely want it all in one day. Bridget and Ryan (or anyone doing two ‘wedding days’), feel free to reach out and let me know your thoughts.

People often plan a wedding only once, but we work with them a lot and we love to be helpful by relaying as much first hand experience as possible.

Bridget and Ryan, BOTH of your celebration days were awesome! Congratulations!

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