The Grand Hall at Bold North Cellars Wedding Videography | Bridget + Ryan

Bride and groom walking through row of trees at a vineyard on their wedding day.

If you’ve never been to the Bold North Cellars, they have an amazing ceremony location. They call it “The Outdoor Cathedral” and with all the arching trees, it’s well named. It was so fun to see Bridget and Ryan come down the aisle *together* surrounded by all the friends and family. Even though there have been a lot of these “second ceremonies” these past few years, I think most people (including us) forget that coming down the aisle together makes perfect sense! Heck, it makes sense for regular ceremonies too depending on what the couple wants. I love when people are empowered to make traditions their own!

Even though there was a ceremony, and a cocktail hour, and a dinner…you could definitely tell that Bridget and Ryan’s reception day was all about the dancing. For their grand entrance, they walked in to an already packed dance floor. The Bluewater Kings were amazing and the energy on the floor was crazy, lovely chaos! When you have a separate party to celebrate with your extended family and friend groups, there is no doubt everyone is there have a good time. 

Bridget and Ryan, we’ve said it before, anytime you want to get married, we’re there!



Photography | Eyetography
Videoography | Eyetography
Venue | The Grand Hall at Bold North Cellars
Band| Bluewater Kings Band
Florist | Mary Baumann
Hair | Beehive Salon

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